Friday, May 27, 2011


Recently some storms came our way. While they did not hit us, things did look sketchy. The plus side? The clouds were amazing ;) They were practically racing across the sky, which also presented a challenge. By the time that I took a photo, the clouds had changed. I love taking photos of clouds. ((Side note, that's almost how I started my diary, a billion years ago, with the same love of clouds)) To me they are just so beautiful. Once, while flying to France, we flew through some amazing cloud structures. They were like a mythical palace, with corridors and towers. Any second I expected Pegasus to dart out. ;) And then the clouds started to get darker and darker, there was a storm cell over the airport where we were landing. One of the most memorable moments was when we exited one cloud, and were like in this little pocket between two dark clouds, with a glimpse of the outside world before once more retreating into another storm cloud.

And then lightening flashed by my window, and the woman in front of my started to cry, and the storm wasn't as cool. Clouds=cool ;possibly deadly lightening=not so much.

But anyway! I'm leaving on a trip tonight. The band (yes, I am a band geek) is going to Disney world! Soooo I don't think I'll be able to post much. We'll be there for a week. And if I manage to take any good pictures while down there, then I'll post them when I get back. I've never been to an amusment park before so it will be...interesting. We'll be there for a week, well we leave tonight, get there tomorrow afternoon and then leave the following Thursday I think...

The only downside is that we have to march ;) in that classic Disney parade-thingy. Buuutt it should be a short parade so not too bad. Even if our outfits are made of velvet. Anyway (I know, I overuse that word. I'm sorry) I can't believe we leave tonight! It's an odd setup. We leave at like eight something at night, and then the bus driver drives through the whole night and we end up arriving in Disney world at like noon the next day. Pretty cool, as we get to sleep the majority of the trip ;)

I'm mostly packed-- oddly prepared for me. I've taken quite a few band trips before actually. Three years of All-State and All-State auditions will do that ;) Buttt this is different as it's longer and doesn't have just the best and brightest of our band :P But that's totally alright. Most of my friends dropped out (of the trip) so it's just brit, chelsea, me, and miranda all rooming together. And it's supposed to be a good hotel I think. ;) though very little can be better than the Embassy we stayed in one year for All-State :P

I love those flowers ^^. I really do. I think I have like twenty pictures of just those flowers :P

Though I think this one is my favorite ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


--is amazing for taking photographs. Instead of being confined to a certain time (normally around three when I got off from school)to take photos, I have so much more flexibility, thanks to summer. I can take photos in the morning, afternoon, evening-- when ever. In fact, most of the photos that I'm gonna post were taken right after sunrise.
Side note: the one reason I was up this early was because I never went to sleep the night before ;) Ohhh sleepovers are just so much fun. Word of advice-- NEVER watch Blue Valentine. EVER. EVER. It's the worst movie I have ever seen. Vulgar, pointless, depressing, absolutely awful. *shudder* But on a more positive note, Titanic is an amazing movie! First movie that I've ever cried while watching.

Anyway, back to photography....I really want a DSLR camera. Right now I have a Canon point and shoot and while it is really nice, I really want the extended capabilities offered by the DSLR. Buuutt there's the price. o.o DSLR cameras are awfully expensive and seeing how I still don't have a job ;) I don't know if I want to spend a large chunk of my graduation money on a camera.

So for right now, I'm stuck with my point and shoot. Which isn't a really bad camera at all.

A lot has changed since my last post. Most of all, I graduated from high school! Next fall I will be going to college. O.O Scary stuff...
In college, I really hope to take a photography class. But for right now, I just hope to keep taking photos and improving.