Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Creative title right? Totally amazing and catchy. It's what I excel in. Anyway the actual purpose of this post was not to laud my writing talents but rather to show some of my photos that have been edited. I got to thinking when I wrote my last post. Sure the photos looked nice, but would any processing make them look better? Processing has always bothered me-- it seems to take away the inherent value of a photo. Is a great photo one from the camera or one that has been edited?

Either way, I do enjoy editing photos. The ones below were edited with this amazing iPhone app called Camera+. Not only is it an awesome camera (it gives you the ability to focus on one area and expose another) but it also a really nice editing feature. The newest edition is something called 'clarity' which does really cool stuff to normally too dark photos. But I digress!

More of the tulip magnolia's ;)

I still wonder, though, if the only reason this photo is a good photo is because of the app.

Oh well, I love it anyways. ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Il pleut aujourd'hui...

See? I'm back! On a random side everything always looks/sounds better in French. I don't know why. When my family when to France the first time, way back when, we joke that they could say anything-- like, 'oh the floor is dirty'-- and it would sound beautiful and romantic.

Anyway, il pleut just looked better than 'it's raining' in my opinion. Every way you say it, it's wet outside. Yay for spring showers I guess...

On a brighter note, I thought I would post some Spring photos that I took recently. Basically, I spent all my spring break outside in my yard taking pictures. Mostly during that wonderful time in the morning when the light is bright yet still delicate, though some I took in the glare of a full blown afternoon sun.

We have this tree in our backyard called a tulip magnolia and there is this magical period, right during early spring, when hundreds of these beautiful flowers burst into bloom.

They don't last long-- the town is marked by their sudden color and beauty. I spent a long time outside, just clicking away...

What's particularly odd about this photos, for me at least, is that they are not edited in any way. They are straight from the camera. Now I'm a big photoshop person. Well, until recently I had to resign myself to GIMP, free program similar to photoshop, but now I am able to use photoshop during school.

But when I saw these pictures...I loved them the way that they were. In their unedited glory. ;)

I am so glad I have an iPhone 4. Not because it's the newest, hippest thing or because of the (admittedly) amazing apps. No, I love my iPhone because now I can do more than just enjoy the beauty of nature-- I can share that beauty with everyone else.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I promise that this is more than a creative form of procrastination from my AP Chem homework.

No, really. It is. I've been thinking about creating this site for a while now, and finally got around to doing it. Hopefully it won't fall into the typical blog abandonment and death that has curiously plagued my other attempts at blogs.

This will be different! I will at least attempt to post every day which brings about the question /what/ will I be posting about every day?

Photography! My new found love. Like really new found. As in I ended up shoved into Art II Photography because that was the only art class which fit my schedule at the beginning of the year. One semester later, I had found a new passion. I mean, sure, I've taken loads of photos-- one does not travel to France and return without hundreds of photos-- but there is a distinct difference between just taking photos for the sake of the memory (and the pretty medieval churches) and being a photographer.

Or so I think. I am just an amateur (which seriously can not spell) without even a legit camera. (*insert gasps*) A photographer that lacks a camera? Ce n'est pas possible! (I speak some French, by the way)

Alas, c'est vrai, I do not have a legit camera. What I do have, however, is the prowess of the iPhone 4 camera at my disposal. I don't know how it relates to the iPhone 3 camera or anything but I am in love with it. (well there are some things that bug me, but about them later)

I realize that there will probably be very few humans reading this wonderful little blog of mine. So this is more for me, I guess. A way to measure my advancement into the wonderful world of photography.

(Might as well post a couple pictures...if I can just find out how...this blog might be doomed from the start O.o)

Meet the most adorable little kitty every, Foster.

That's kind of an old photo, he's gotten so much bigger...