Friday, September 9, 2011

Relationships Suck

Not like I'm in one or anything. They just suck. Mostly in the way they make you feel. And not the whole lovey-dovey gooey happy way. The whole 'oh course they don't like me back, how could they?'. The whole internal debate on whether or not your crush feels the same way about you. And if they are like most guys, it's neigh impossible to tell. So you over analyze everything motion that they make, every word they say. Every time they don't text back. o.o Yeah, it's stupid. And that's why I hate relationships. Tomorrow I just may post a post about how I just love relationships. We'll see.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life so far

So I just finished my first full week of classes.

Goodness, it seems like we have been here a lot longer than that. o.o And we have-- we've been here for half a month plus a few odd days. Anyway, it's the holiday weekend, which means a chance to finally catch up on some sleep. ;)

Saturday night was full of Dr. Who-- I'm so hooked. It was only my second time seeing it but I'm already in love.

Too bad that can't happen with some guy here....O.o

Anyway! I adore that show and love spending my nights with my friends, huddled under a blanket in the SLTC grabbing each other and screaming every time something scary happened. which was quite often ;) goooodd timessss.

Anyway, today was pretty laid back. Church, then lunch with friends, walmart run with my car loaded down with car-less friends, productive music practice, dinner, then hairspray. :) First time watching the movie-- I loved it and it made me want to dance. Which I really can't do. But still.

So it appears like this has turned from a photo blog to a blog blog. Sorry 'bout that. I may change the privacy settings so only I can read it. Secret blog diary. ;) Haha we shall see.