Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Creative title right? Totally amazing and catchy. It's what I excel in. Anyway the actual purpose of this post was not to laud my writing talents but rather to show some of my photos that have been edited. I got to thinking when I wrote my last post. Sure the photos looked nice, but would any processing make them look better? Processing has always bothered me-- it seems to take away the inherent value of a photo. Is a great photo one from the camera or one that has been edited?

Either way, I do enjoy editing photos. The ones below were edited with this amazing iPhone app called Camera+. Not only is it an awesome camera (it gives you the ability to focus on one area and expose another) but it also a really nice editing feature. The newest edition is something called 'clarity' which does really cool stuff to normally too dark photos. But I digress!

More of the tulip magnolia's ;)

I still wonder, though, if the only reason this photo is a good photo is because of the app.

Oh well, I love it anyways. ;)

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