Saturday, April 9, 2011

The sky

*skips past excuses for lateness in posting*
In other notes, I got a rating of 1 (highest) for the three things I performed for solo and ensemble :)

On the way to solo and ensemble-- and on the way back-- I was taking pictures like crazy. One, I was bored. Two, it was a scenic ride. (it would have been more scenic if the trees weren't dead:P)

Anyway, not many of the pictures would have been remarkable, had it not been for the discovery of the pure awesome-ness that one of my apps holds. It's the Camera+ app I've already talked about. I learned about the true amazing-ness of the 'clarity' function.





It just brings out these details that would have normally gone unnoticed. And it works wonders on pictures other than the sky ;)



It looks amazing...even with that awful glare ;) Stupid buses...

Anyway...I just took some pictures outside after I washed my car. These are also thanks to Camera+ which allows you to set the focus by taping and then move it to new plant/new location without losing your set focus. Just learned about this by accident today and it's kind of cool.

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