Thursday, May 26, 2011


--is amazing for taking photographs. Instead of being confined to a certain time (normally around three when I got off from school)to take photos, I have so much more flexibility, thanks to summer. I can take photos in the morning, afternoon, evening-- when ever. In fact, most of the photos that I'm gonna post were taken right after sunrise.
Side note: the one reason I was up this early was because I never went to sleep the night before ;) Ohhh sleepovers are just so much fun. Word of advice-- NEVER watch Blue Valentine. EVER. EVER. It's the worst movie I have ever seen. Vulgar, pointless, depressing, absolutely awful. *shudder* But on a more positive note, Titanic is an amazing movie! First movie that I've ever cried while watching.

Anyway, back to photography....I really want a DSLR camera. Right now I have a Canon point and shoot and while it is really nice, I really want the extended capabilities offered by the DSLR. Buuutt there's the price. o.o DSLR cameras are awfully expensive and seeing how I still don't have a job ;) I don't know if I want to spend a large chunk of my graduation money on a camera.

So for right now, I'm stuck with my point and shoot. Which isn't a really bad camera at all.

A lot has changed since my last post. Most of all, I graduated from high school! Next fall I will be going to college. O.O Scary stuff...
In college, I really hope to take a photography class. But for right now, I just hope to keep taking photos and improving.

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