Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Saint Louis Adventure

City? St. Louis

Duration? 3 days, including travel

Number of photos taken? 421.

:) I will not show you guys alllll 421 of the beautiful photos that I took, but I wanted to show some to highlights the cool places we went to. The best part? Almost all of the things we saw were free ((and all of them would have been free, if we happened to be lucky enough to be residents of St. Louis)).

First up, the St. Louis art museum!

This gorgeous, huge building houses an amazing collection of works-- from the old masters to modern art. I much prefer the old masters-- I was constantly in awe of they way they used some paint on a canvas to richly depict life.

I loved the detailing of this-- it was a sketch for a process where you etched the picture onto a copper plate to make copies of it.

This was one of my favorite paintings-- it depicted Judith from the Old Testament killing some man. I loved just how beautiful all the details were, from her surprisingly muscular figure, to her expressive face.

So I'll be the first to admit it, I hate modern art. I know there are people who see value to a pile of rocks in an art museum, but I am most definitely not one of them. I was bored in the modern section, so I started shooting into the dark window to capture the reflections. If buttons glued onto a white canvas is art, then so are my photos!

Art Museum Recommendations: Plan out at least a couple of hours-- if not more. The museum is huge; we only spent around two hours in there and we could have easily spent more. We accidently caught the tail end of a tour-- definitely take the tour. The guide was able to tell us so much more about the paintings, details we would have never guessed. It really helped you understand the paintings better.

Next attraction we visited was the St. Louis botanical garden! The day was shockingly gorgeous-- not hot as one would expect in the dead of August.

There were a couple of glass sculptures scattered throughout the botanical garden by this artist. I loved this one-- there was an identical one facing it on the other side of the garden. They were labeled 'sunrise' and 'sunset' though they both just looked like 'midday sun' to me.

We paused in the Japanese garden to snap a few photos, taking advantage of the gorgeous greenery.

St. Louis Botanical Garden Recommendations: We spent most of our day here. They have a nice little cafe to eat lunch in and the food was good. There is just so much to see! We took the trolly ride first, which gives you a great broad overview of the entire garden. Then, after lunch, we took the walking tour. Now, the walking tour is not for the faint of heart. It depends on your guide, but our tour lasted over two hours. It was a great way to learn more about the gardens, but it was a bit tiring.

Next up was Grant's farm! Now, Grant's farm isn't a farm and it is owned by Budwiser, which makes it a bit confusing. They have Clydstale stables-- it was fun to see the massive horses. Basically it's a little animal sancutary. When you first enter the farm, you go on a trolly ride through the land-- where you get to see buffalo, deer, and cattle. Once you get off the trolly you can feed little goats, check out some gorgeous parrots, and generally enjoy the animals.

One of the perks of Grant's farm is the free beer! By the parrots they were giving out free samples of the new Budwiser product. In the food area you could get two free beers. There were more horses to look at, camels, and some pretty birds.

Grant's Farm Recommendations: This was definitely the busiest place we went to in St. Louis. The lines were pretty long-- it took us maybe 30 min of waiting before we could get into the park. However, the free beer and cute animals made the wait worth it. It costs one dollar to get some milk in a baby bottle to feed the goats and I recommend doing that. It's cheap and really fun. Though the enterprising goats tried to feed also on my jeans, camera bag, and hair.

Whew, that was a long post! If you are reading this then you deserve a gold star. Since I lack any gold stars to give out, you'll just have to take my thankfulness :)

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