Monday, November 25, 2013

6 Things I Miss From the US

It feels somewhat sacrilegious writing a post about the things I miss from the US. After all, I'm in France-- the land of cheese, bread, pastries, chocolate-- the list of delicious things goes on and on.

However, there are a few things that I miss from the US.

1. Breakfast Food

The French don't believe in breakfast as much as Americans do. In the United States, at least once a week when I'm home, my father cooks up a huge homemade breakfast. From fried eggs and bacon, to chocolate chip pancakes, to crispy waffles covered in fruit and whipped cream, it is always a great way to start a day. I can't wait to get back to the US and stuff my face with bacon-- something that doesn't really exist over here.

2. Taco Bell

I can't believe I'm writing this. And I wouldn't be, if I hadn't daydreamed about eating Taco Bell tacos for hours during class this semester. The meat isn't real and neither is the nutrition, but sometimes you just crave cheap Mexican food. Also, another thing that isn't terribly popular over here.

3. Public Restrooms

So this is rather inconvenient, but in France, public restrooms don't exist. Sure, if you go into a decent restaurant you might find one, but everywhere else you're out of luck. The bathrooms in McDonald's ((which sadly exists in abundance over here)) have codes that you have to look on your receipt to find in order to unlock the doors. You have to pay to use the restroom in the train station in Lyon. So when your day consists of sight seeing in a town and getting a baguette for dinner, finding a restroom turns into a game of who-can-charm-the-waiter into sneaking and using the restroom.

4. Goodwill

I have found exactly one thrift shop in my town. To put things into perspective, in my hometown, which is considerably smaller than St. Etienne, has four thrift shops--and those are just my favorite ones. Suffice to say, I can't wait to run to Goodwill and buy some cheap sweaters when I get back home.

5. Pianos

This can't come as much of a surprise, but there aren't any pianos just lying around for me to play here in France. Even though I expected this, I still missing sitting down and striking out the opening chords to The Great Gate of Kiev. I'm excited to get back home and even Hendrix, where there will be pianos-- albeit perhaps badly turned-- a plenty for me to play.

6. English Cheese

So this the most sacrilegious thing I can say while living in France, aka the country of cheese. It was like saying I didn't Guinness while in Ireland-- I'm a little worried the inhabitants will kick me out. Revoke my visa.

However, my friends won't be surprised to hear that I'm slightly obsessed with cheese. English cheeses that is. French cheeses, while I haven't tried all of them, goodness who has, tend to be far too strong for my taste. And France, non-surprisingly, doesn't sell English cheeses really. Aside from a bit of cheddar from a nice friend a couple weeks ago, it has been three long months since I last ate cheddar. Sometimes I think I have a calcium deficiency to amount of times a day I crave cheddar cheese. Hopefully I'll be able to eat cheddar before I get back to the US-- Michelle and I leave Thursday for London. They better have cheddar cheese.

C'est tout! Just a few differences between France/US. It's probably a good thing they exist. Otherwise I might just stay in France forever.

Like I mentioned above, Michelle and I are flying to London-- 45 min flight! great thing about Europe, everything's so close-- on Thursday to visit the great city and some friends :) Stay tuned to read about our British adventures.

Thanks so much for reading!

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