Saturday, November 26, 2011

Berries of the Gods

So this morning I ventured out into my yard. It was cloudy, but I knew that it was only going to get worse and start raining this afternoon so I figured I would get some shots in while I could.

It surprised me how quickly fall had turned into winter. One of the saddest realizations since going to college is how I'm going to miss so much from back home. I'll miss all the days I took for granted, watching the leaves turn, taking photos. I guess I'll start trying to get home more often so see not only my family but also my yard. Hendrix has the most beautiful campus, it's true, but it's not home.

Anyway, I went out in the windy weather to take photos. Seeing how it was dark and windy, getting clear shots was tricky. I had such a slow shutter speed that wind easily blurred my photos. So, I upped my ISO and went on. I got some good shots-- decent, but the fun was found in taking them. Then, I stumbled on the 'shot of the day'.

Every time that I take photos there's something-- some location, some perspective-- that makes me immediate go 'that's the shot, that's what I have been looking for'. Today I discovered this bush that hangs over our fence. It was covered in purple berries. As soon as I saw it I was like 'this is it!' I knew that these would be the best photos out of the lot.

And what can I say, I love them! Granted, after I loaded them onto the computer and further examined them, I saw that a lot of them were blurry. :( What looks clear on a camera screen does not look clear on a computer all the time.

Still, some of them turned out. :) For some reason I seem to have an obsession with berries lately. They are my new white flower :P There was this white flower that bloomed in my backyard. I took a picture of it at least once a day-- it was the flower I went straight to once going outside. Eventually I told myself that I would have to branch out, but I still loved shots of that white flower.

On another note, I have to post some before and after's soon! I've kind of developed my own action, one that I love dearly :D It lightens the photo and adds a purple-ish tint that can very easily be switched to any other color. It was used on the first two photos above. :)

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