Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Break Photos

What? Another post so soon? Ce n'est pas vrai!

Yeah, so my parents are in France currently and I'm super jealous. I'll be spending Thanksgiving at mes grandparents, without them. Mais, I'm also very happy for them to get the opportunity to go to France again.

Anyway! This is kind of my treat for finishing my lab report before orchestra practice today. It was my last bit of work standing between me and Thanksgiving vacation. After orchestra tonight I have to turn in my report and go to Cal class on Tuesday and then I'm free. :D

I'm lying in my dorm bed now, typing away. It's really sad-- I've pretty much given up on NaNo. College and life have been keeping me incredibly busy; I'm roughly 10k behind. I may try to catch up over break but I also really want to just relax and enjoy myself. This last few weeks have been crazy busy and stressful and once I get back from Thanksgiving break it will be even more crazy and stressful. So I do need to actual relax, and not stress out over Thanksgiving.

Oy. Stress. I haven't really noticed it, I mean I know I'm stressed but it never bothered me much. However, I may be getting TMJ because of it-- my jaw hurts like hell whenever I open it to like eat or something.

Anyway! I haven't posted pictures in forever so I thought that I would post some of my pictures from my fall trip home....if they ever load....

I loved the feeling of this-- all faded and artsy.

I love the lighting of this one.

I loved sitting/crouching under the tree to get this perspective.

I just love the faded feeling of this photo.

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