Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring has sprung

My original intent was to post a semi-tutorial post about another (cheap) method I devised to cover more of my dorm walls with photos. The technique turned out to be so simplistic I would feel foolish posting an actual tutorial about it. Though I thought I would post some pictures and, you know, talk about my life. About the fact that my sophomore year is almost over, which is crazy when I actually sit down and think about it. I mean half of my undergrad experience, over??

The future seems to be accelerating at far too quick of a rate. Sure I'm excited about the future-- possibly taking a gap year doing mission work/anything but physics, going to grad school for the most awesome thing ever: physics. Still, life isn't supposed to go by this quick!

Anyway! Enough musing on my life, here're the photos:

What I did:

I took my photos to a nearby computer lab and made use of their hole puncher to punch two holes at the top of my horizontal photos. I then dropped by my friend's room to get some string she had graciously given me. Then, I simply threaded the string through the photos. For the first and last photo I tied a little knot after threading it through to make sure that they stayed still. Surprisingly, the photos didn't shift around much-- the friction on the string was enough to keep them put, even where they are an angle.

When it came to put them on the wall, I wasn't sure what to do. My muggy walls are notoriously bad at hanging anything and everything. After messing around with it, I realized that I could hook the ends of the strings around my canvas which line the top of the wall. They are the only things that have somehow managed to stay attached the wall the whole year.

Et, volia! Like I said, super straight-forward.

In other news, my friend finally succeeded in convincing me to play Settlers of Catan, a board game I had never heard of. I was hooked from the first game-- it's so much fun! It's like a medieval monopoly, and a lot of fun to play.

Spring has officially hit! Though it's more like late spring/early summer. All the sudden, the cold days dropped away and the temperature skyrocketed it; it's 80 outside. Not that I'm complaining, it's a nice change.

I don't have many photos to post because I've developed this terrible habit of forgetting to bring my camera with me. Last Friday night some friends and I went out to the local 'cliffs' to stargazer. I didn't realize how many awesome long exposure shots I could get until we were already there. =/

We had a sushi-extravaganza this Saturday experimenting with some new ingredients, not that I thought to bring my camera and snap any pictures.

Last year, though, I set out specifically to get some pictures of my beautiful campus and seeing how I'm feeling a little lazy and have homework to finish, I'll post a couple of them.

I mean, look at that light!

The tree was so gorgeous-- I'm still not sure what type of tree it is.

This might be my favorite pick of the bunch.

In other news, my friends chose what apartment they are going to live in next year, and with a bit of luck one of them and I will spend the summer there while we are doing research. It'll be so much fun to set up the apartment and decorate it :) Another friend who is researching this summer as well is bringing a sewing machine so look forward to plenty of mishaps in the wonderful world of crafting this summer!

Thanks for reading :)

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