Thursday, September 6, 2012

Golden Cliffs

I didn't discover the beauty of what we called 'the cliffs' until the veryyyy end of my freshman year. We went there just as school had ended, waiting for graduation to come. It was such a peaceful-- and very odd-- feeling, being completely done with our freshman year.

This year, we resolved to do all the fun nature things that we didn't know about last year. So, a couple of nights ago, some friends and I braved the oppressing heat and humidity to go to the cliffs. Many wrong turns and a few desperate phone calls for directions later, we arrived.

It was just as beautiful as I remembered it.

I used the HDR program on this one. My camera was accidentally set to ISO 3200 from when I was taking pictures of the t-shirt fun so a lotttt of necessary noise. Wow, that's a lot of links in one blog post. Anyway! I kind of liked how the photo above turned out, though I'm worried it looks over processed.

It was so gorgeous! Granted it was hot, and the rocks burned after laying in the heat for the whole day, but it was so worth it.

My lovely friends!

My friend grabbed my camera (a careful grab, as we were close to a deadly (for cameras at least) drop off) and took a few rare photos of me. What's even rarer if that some turned out well!

Me and my friend!
I might be the most un-photogenic person you know.

But I get kind of lucky every now and then. ;)

Yay for panoramas!

After the sun went down, I subjected my poor friends to my first-curtain sync flash type thing ordeal that I learned about. It allows me to freeze a subject-- such as his face-- and then pull out colors from the fading sunset.

I do believe that is the most embedded links I have ever had in one post.

Though eventually all good things-- aka procrastination-- must come to an end! I'm off to continue on my with my homework. Which is so overwhelming I can't even come up with a fit analogy. You'll just have to understand.

Thanks for reading :)

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