Monday, September 17, 2012

Study Break!

Four Exams.

One week.

That, my dear blog, is why I haven't written in some time. I'm in the midst of my busiest week yet, though I'm taking a little break to write about what's been going on, which has been a lot.

For starters, I went home last Friday night, for mon pere's birthday. (Sorry, studying for my French exam. Writing my blog in french totally counts as studying, right??) It was kind of hectic, as I had to leave the next afternoon, but welllll worth it. My only regret last year, first semester, was that I wish I had gone home more than once (during fall break) during the fall. I missed those cool, Sunday afternoons, spent watching whatever college football game happened to be playing.

Anyway, while I was home I managed to snap a few photos of my yard.

This photo didn't have the clear focus I wanted, but I still had to post it because I just loved the faded feel to it.

I had fun editing this one-- I slightly desaturated the greens so that they weren't so vibrantly distracting.

This was a new flower I found! I have no idea what it's called-- the colors just popped in the cloudy light. Even though it's just September, many of the flowers have already fallen dormant, their bursts of color faded from the grassy backdrop.

Before I left for home, last Thursday, my friends and I went rock climbing. While there, one of my friends mentioned that the school had these inflatable games set up. While I was going to pass, my friend really wanted to go, so almost reluctantly I went with her.

And had an amazing time. :D

I'm so glad my friend wanted to go-- we all ended up having a blast. There were multiple inflatable games set up, from obstacle courses to this gladiator thing pictured above. ;)

I went on the obstacle course, racing my friend. Since I'm kind of crazy competitive about some things I tore through the course, throwing myself down, over, up, sliding against the plastic.

Well, I won. And I still have the burns/wounds on my knees to prove it ;) Suffice to say, it hurt to walk for days afterwards.

Oh, the price of winning.

Foam party!

That was next-- Saturday night was foam party. Sadly, due to rain, it was moved indoors. Still, I had a blast. I didn't get any pictures, as I didn't dare to bring my phone in with me. I did it last year, and had a heart attack as I was submerged in the foam, certain it would ruin my phone.

If I had brought my phone, I would have snapped a shot as we all linked hands, dodging through the tallest part of the foam-- up to my neck-- before escaping outside. I would have clicked away as we took off running, flinging up arms up and down like birds, watching as the foam flew off, the sound of our laughter the best music of the night.

Anyway,  I really should get back to studying. I have part two of my French exam, a take home exam, and a Physics (D:) exam on Thursday to be preparing for.

Merci! Je suis heuruse que tu lis mon 'blog' :P

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