Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Fun

It's the weekend!

After a long and tortuous week, it's finally time for a break. :)

Last night I finally saw Brave-- a movie that I have been wanting to see alllll summer. I'm trying to catch up on Disney movies after a childhood rather devoid of them.

Anyway, I've been so busy this week, I don't have any pictures to post. If I did, they would simply oscillate between Physics, French, Calculus, and a piano. Which aren't too terribly interesting to photograph.

So! When I don't have any new photos to edit, I often flip through my copious amounts of photographs. Often times, I'll take a hundred photos, upload them, edit two favorites, and then forget about the rest. Then, at times like these, when I don't have any new photos, I go back and look at all those photos, shoved into various folders, metaphorically gathering dust.

Because, you know, pixels can't gather dust. But, yeah.

Okay. I'll just post pictures now, as my ability to string words together into coherent sentences is rapidly deteriorating.

This is actually from my last trip home-- I loved the overlapping layers of leaves, imperfections dotting their green flesh.

What I like about this picture is the progression of life-- you start in the bottom, where the buds of the flower can just be seen. Then, you move up, the buds are larger, just about to bloom. Then, at the top, you get the final result, this odd fiery flower.

This picture is actually from a while ago. I experimented with more square cropping-- I think it helped focus the picture. I tried to give it this yellow, relaxed look through editing.

My favorite little plant ;) I believe it's some sort of seedling the squirrels plant-- they are everywhere in my yard, driving my mom nuts.

 Another old one! I can't tell if the pale red overlay I did was too much...I do love the feel it gives to the photo though.

So! This afternoon a friend and I are going to Acroyoga-- whatever that is. It contains the word acrobatics in the description, so I was sold instantly.

Thanks for reading!

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