Monday, September 3, 2012

More T-Shirts!

More t-shirt fun!

I wasn't sure if I would have time in college to make another t-shirt, but some friends and I took advantage of the three-day weekend to make some t-shirts.

After an unreasonably long and stressful search for fabric medium, and some black magic printing out the stencils, we were ready to craft.

We had all the major geek subjects covered-- LOTR, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones-- for our t-shirt designs.

Geek love!
I decided to add the quote 'Not all who wander are lost' to the back of my lord of the rings shirt.

I found a foam paintbrush stuck away in some box I had packed.

We watched some Downton Abby-- a wonderful show I was just introduced to-- while we cut out our designs.

Speaking of amazing shows, I saw the season premiere of dr who this weekend! Epicness.

Coming to college I had just briefly heard of this show called Dr. Who-- my roommate at the time was a big fan, but I wasn't really interested. She knew some people who were going to get together and watch an episode-- I tagged along because I didn't have anything better to do and ended up being introduced to the most amazing show ever. I was hooked-- okay mostly drastically confused-- by the first episode, and it just got better from there. Now a year later I am the one trying to convert everyone I know into rabid Dr Who fans.

Anyway! There were no Dr Who shirts to be made this time around. Maybe next time. I'm not too happy with how my old dr who shirt turned out-- there was a lot of bleeding around the letters. The more t-shirts I do, the more I learn so I might make another dr who shirt.

One of my friends accidentally cut out the the design wrong-- cutting out the object rather than its inverse. Her design was complicated and it was difficult to decide which part to cut out. Regardless, she put the cut out object onto the shirt and then used a splattering technique to cover a small area of the shirt with paint. We were all excited to see how this turned out.

Just try and imagine four people-- and four t-shirts-- an ironing board, wet paint, and two x-acto knives in a room that was only meant to house two people and you'll begin to see how cramped it was. We made it work, though. No serious mishaps occurred.

My design! Let me tell you, cutting out those tiny little delicate hobbit letters was a mess. I thought for sure that my crude cuts with the knife would result in a messy quote.

Funny story. So here we were, with a bottle of paint, and a bottle of fabric medium. Then, we realized we needed some way to mix them together. Of course my room was devoid of any small cups or convenient answers. Glancing around my room I spotted an unlikely answer-- the lid to my deodorant. Weird, perhaps. A working solution? Most definitely-- it held enough paint for us to apply to our shirts.

Et, voila, the first t-shirt! I loved how the splatter technique turned out, the white paint really was a nice contrast to the beautiful purple shirt.

Et, voila, the second shirt! Gandalf's staff turned out really well-- especially with the asymmetrical placement.

As for the game of thrones shirt...use your imagination? I don't have a picture of the final project (I'll post it later!) but rest assured it had amazingly crisp lines.

My quote! It's not the best picture (I'll post a better one later) but I wanted to quickly write this post while I actually had free time, a scare event which might not happen again soon. I dipped my pencil in the paint to create the dots over the letters-- which is so much easier than trying to cut them out.

Anyway! My crafting summer has continued onto the school year it would seem! I am instructing my friends in my crafty ways :P

I'll post better final photos later! We, being the wonderful geeks we are, are planning on wearing our shirts on the same day and I'll get photos then. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Winter is coming!!!

    Love the shirts!

  2. Haha my friend almost put that quote on his shirt!

    Thanks! :)