Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm alive!

I promise.

Though have you ever thought how creepy it is if someone dies, yet their representation on the interest-- social media-- doesn't? Internet does give a sense of immortality I would suppose. The idea that what you say or do is kept, hidden on servers thousands of miles away, always there.

Kind of creepy, in a big brother way.

Anyway! I just finished my first majorrrr physics assignment. Like ten pages, front back, is what I'm turning in.


Yes I've already had like ten existential crises. It's crazy hard; I don't feel smart enough.

But when it comes down to it there is nothing else I want to do. My passion is physics. More specially Astrophysics. That's what I want to do with the rest of my life. Regardless of how difficult, how stressful my life is currently.

Anyway! First full week of sophomore year-- over!

Goodness it feels like we've been here for months already, not just two weeks.

Minus the stressful work, sophomore year has had a great start :)

The first week was jammed full of campus events; my friends and I went to like every cookout there was.

First day of classes and I get a disco tray :D which, by the way, is a Hendrix tradition. There are several disco trays hidden amongst the normal trays. It's always so exciting to get a disco tray.

Sundae Thursday! Boy did I miss those this summer. While I never gained the freshman 15 I might be headed towards a sophomore 20 or something.

My beautiful friend Serena!
First party of the year! It was Shirtails- the dance competition that my dorm win last year :D

My beautiful friends :)
The party was fun and the mandatory midnight trip to IHOP was also a blast.


This is actually from lunch and revolves around a bet my friend and I had. He, being sick of Instagram as a whole, challenged me to take a picture of my food, insisting that no one would like it. 

Challenge, accepted. And won, thanks to some anonymous internet person who liked the photo. And even though he argued that this wasn't 'high art' I kind of like the photo. 

Anyway! I am off to enjoy a hard won three day weekend :) 

Thanks for reading!

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