Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reflected Gold

I just wrote an entire post.

And then it got deleted.

This is not good for an already homework-overwhelmed Physics major.

I had a lot of waxing and waning of how God's handiwork was so brilliantly displayed on the canvas of nature. Of how the light just bounced of the water of a nearby lake, shimmering in the evening sun.

Of how the clouds were modeled after dreams, alight with the last rays of a dying sun.

Of how seeing old friends gathered from different states made for a fun evening, foreshadowing the fun of the upcoming semester.

Of how frustrated I was that I didn't think to bring my actual camera, and simply made do with my iPhone.

But this chick has homework to do.

So I guess I'll just leave the waxing and waning for later. 

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