Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's an Instagram Life

I've been having fun with some crayons and a blank canvas-- I'll post the results tomorrow. For today, however, I wanted to show my life, as seen through Instagram.

It was my friend's idea to make these delicious 'desert burgers'. They were amazing! Basically, she melted chocolate chips, mixed in some powder sugar and milk, and stuck the mixture in the frig to cool. Once it was cool she pulled it out, and we scoped out little balls, and rolled them into patties. We put the chocolate patty on a vanilla wafer, and topped them with dyed coconut. Add a final wafer and volia! A delicious little snack.

Also part of the girls night we were having was nail time! Yes, we are cliche girls. Well, not exactly. These are my epic batman nails that my friend Katie was so very kind enough to free hand. I pulled a picture up on the web and she just ran with it. They turned out beautiful! 

My other friend did Storm Trooper nails-- also epic, though I don't have a picture. 

I spent Monday afternoon at a local lake with my friend. Yes, it was 112 degrees. And no, the water wasn't nearly as cool as I had wished but still, it was worth it to hang out with a friend. :) 

And this cutie! My old dog was a Collie, so it's always so odd for me to be around small dogs. I can't believe how small they are! She didn't appreciate the heat, though she did like the water ;) 

I didn't bring my actual camera with me, only my phone. I sacrifice some quality, though it is so convenient. 

I'm watching fencing right now. A sport Hendrix totally needs. Because fencing is cool. ((okay, every time I say anything is cool, I have dr who flashes of 'Bow ties are cool'. really, it's an addiction. though a pleasant one;))

Though the fencers are crazy! Every time they score a point they scream-- I flip out because I think the epee/saber/foil pierced their vest, and like mortally attacked them.

Still, cool sport. Though gymnastics is really cool. I'm getting dangerously motivated-- after all, they make it look so easy! I had a but-I-want-to-be-a-gymnast moment yesterday and I think I pulled something. Though I almost landed my weird front handspring/front walkover mutant. So I guess it's worth it.

Tune in tomorrow to see some crayon art! :)

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