Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy T-Shirt Batman!

When I was younger, I watched the old batman shows on TV Land. You remember the really classic, overly cheesy Batman? With the bright, spandex costumes? And Robin, who said epic things like 'Holy hole in a doughnut!' (my personal favorite) or 'Holy kindergarten!'?

Well, I've been a batman fan since those laughable cringe-worthy tv shows. This love was reaffirmed by the amazing Dark Knight trilogy. Considering all of this, I can't believe that I didn't even think to do a batman shirt! It wasn't until a friend suggested it that I realized that I had the perfect set up-- a blank, black shirt, and some yellow fabric paint. 
I opted for the classic symbol, rather than the more angular symbol commonly seen today. My love for batman started with the classic shows, after all.

I had run out of freezer paper, so I headed to the grocery store and bought 75 ft of it, the smallest box I could find. Suffice to say, I can make a lottt more t-shirts.

With the Olympics playing in the background, I pinned my freezer paper over the symbol I had printed out, and carefully began to cut it out.

The inverse! This is the part I cut out of the larger sheet.

I ironed on the stencil, ready to begin.

My paint! The problem with paint that is older than I am, is that after time, it begins to separate into solids and liquids. I do my best to shake the bottle and integrate the paint, but it doesn't always work. I mixed the paint with the fabric medium so that it won't wash off. 

The paint's age really showed for this t-shirt. At first, as I dabbled the paint on the shirt, I was dissapointed. It wasn't as seamless as I had wanted. It certainly wasn't going to look like I pulled it off the rack at a store. There were beads of paint that refused to dissolve, giving the shirt a texture, weathered look.

However, the more I looked at the shirt-- and especially once the paint was finalllyyyy dry-- I realized that I loved the effect of the old paint!

You can't really see it clearly in the picture, but the paint is heavily textured, and has areas of brightness and darkness. It gives the shirt a weathered look.

The shirt itself is ridiculously soft and comfortable. Perhaps because it's been worn in. ;) Two bucks!

Black Shirt-- $2

Foot of Freezer Paper-- $0.10

Amazing, custom, handmade Batman t-shirt?



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