Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Repairs and Reflections

Remember those bright cartoon shoes I made?

Well, I have been wearing them (with socks! I don't care if I look weird, I'm tired of bleeding heels) and suffice to say, they don't look like that anymore.

The cartoons have ripped, the fabric has stretched, and my beautiful shoes have started to simply disintegrate. After all, this is newspaper. Even with the copious layers of mod podge, the paper isn't that strong.

Which is why I decided to repair them. I still love them, and the idea of the cartoon shoes. They just need a little TLC, that's all. So, putting my near-obsession with the Olympics on hold, I paused the TV and headed outside.

The Olympics are just amazing; I wish I had some iota of talent in the gymnastics area. Alas, even my cartwheel is a bit sketchy, not to mention the enumerable times I have crashed, tumbling to the ground as I attempted, yet again, to do a front walk-over/front hand spring.

Anyway! Back to the shoes; I had a bit more luck with them than with my ill-fated love affair with tumbling.

 I grabbed the Sunday Comics and set about pasting on a new layer of comics. The backs of the shoes were remarkable unscathed, I just brushed another layer of mod podge of them. The top and front of the shoes were where the issues were. I simply covered the entire front with new cartoons, adhering them with mod podge. 

As I had recovered the top, I also had to apply a new 'Cartoon' header, as I really like how that tied the whole shoe together.

My workspace! Not pictured is my iPhone, blaring music. I'm so exited for the new model of the iPhone to come out! Mostly because I'm a geek when it comes to technology (and almost anything else).

Et, volia! My shoes, 2.0. I don't know how long they'll last, but I'm going to ere on the side of caution, and apply many more layers of mod podge.

I often get distracted by reflections. Any sort will catch my eye, from imperfect shadows, to sunglasses impersonating mirrors. I was watching Friends when the bottle I was drinking from caught my eye.

I loved the light that filtered through the end, bouncing off the water.

This was actually a reflection from my sunglasses. I love how the picture of the house is overlaid with the texture and distortion from the lenses. 

 Which way is the shadow facing? You could either be looking into it, or looking at the bottom. ;)
These two pictures are just shadows from my plastic cut. I loved, however, just how crisp they were. They were just shadows, but they really can stand on their own, with all the detail they have.

Well, I'm back to watching the Olympics! As always, thanks for reading :)

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