Friday, August 17, 2012

Why my SLR is amazing

Recently, I awoke one morning to find that by some fluke, it was actually pleasant outside. So I grabbed my coffee and newspaper (yes I am an old lady already) and headed outside to enjoy this brief respite from the heat and humidity.

Once I was done reading the newspaper, I glanced up, and saw that the blossoms of the bush behind me were hanging over me, danitly swaying in the wind. It would make a pretty picture; I ran inside to grab my phone.

After all, I love my iPhone and while I knew it was no where near as good as my camera, I grabbed it anyway. Heading back outside, I snapped the picture. The iPhone was unable to cope with the lighting, forcing me either try and fix an under exposed photo or have an awfully over exposed photo. I went under exposed, and try to fix it.

Still not happy with the results, I went into the house and grabbed my baby, my DSLR. Easily I snapped a photo of the same plant, not expecting much because of the somewhat awkward back lighting. The result surprised and amazed me, so drastically better than my iPhone's attempts to capture the beauty of the scene.

Here are the two photos:



See the huge difference in quality? Granted the photos are slightly different in composition-- different focal lengths, ect-- it still shows just how much difference a good quality camera can make. You can't even tell what I'm trying to take a photo of in the iPhone photo, but with the SLR it's crystal clear.

After taking the picture, I continued to wander around me yard, snapping away.

Even in the heat of summer, there are still beautiful flowers.

I was feeling a little B&W ;)

Next time I write I will most likely be back at the wonderful world of Hendrix! I move in on's crazy. I've spent almost the whole summer bored, waiting for school to start, and now it's finally here...

However! I can't wait to post about my life at Hendrix :) My new dorm room, my new roommates, hopefully more lakeside picnics-- I can't wait to see my friends. That's the major downside to college; you make all these amazing friends, only to have them move away to the far corners of the country. However, we are all about to reunite :)

Thanks for reading!

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