Sunday, August 28, 2011


We won!!!!!

I supposed I should tell you what we won.


Shirttails is a dance competition between all the dorms here. At the end, a winner from the girls dorms, and a winner from the guys dorms is chosen.

Yeah, we won. :D

The victory was especially sweet because of stuff we had heard the other dorms saying about us. The other dorms said that they didn't care who won as long as it wasn't Veasey ((us)). Which made us wanna beat everyone that much more. ;) We are just viewed as sluts-- though all the dances were equally racy. It's just the stereotype of Veasey. However, we worked our buts off this week preparing the dance. It had intricate formations and tricky moves. And it had the Veasey crawl. ;) Of course.

Anyway, I have bruises all up and down my leg, and a monster one on my hip-- Shirttail scars. It's bittersweet because it's all over. One performance and that was it.

But it was amazing. When they called our name as the girls winner we all rushed towards the brick pit and formed a massive huddle. Then, we all took off for the fountain and jumped in-- winner's rights ;) though the grounds people/faculty of some sort weren't too happy about this.

After we all got soaked we ran back to the dorms. We had roughly thirty minutes to transform sweaty and soaked into sexy and fresh. There was a concert/party right after Shirttails. Super Mash Bros or something like that. So we quickly changed and tried to wipe off all the sweet and then headed to the concert. The concert was my type of party-- I could have stayed there all night. Dancing, music, and not in an enclosed dorm room space like the Martin parties are. My roommate prefers the Martin parties-- why I have no clue. I prefer the more open, concert like parties.

Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long because we were all starving. So, we-- Brittany, Lauren, and I-- all went to my car and headed to Taco Bell. Haha cause that's just what Veasey girls do.

After Taco Bell, we really wanted something sweet-- but it was 11 and everything was closed. Except McDonald's! So we went there to get some dessert. Then, it was back to Hendrix where Brittany went off to the Martin party and Lauren followed mostly to see what a Martin party was like. I came up to my dorm room and collapsed into bed.

And that was the night :) Today I'm meeting my parents are a local Lutheran church around 10:45 then going out to lunch. They brought with them two small bookcases for our dorm room-- much needed storage space.

Anyway, just another college check in. :D It was so loud in Veasey last night, every girl was screaming at the top of her lungs, the sound bouncing off the stairwell walls.

So much fun :)

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