Wednesday, August 17, 2011

College Life

So I'm sitting here in my dorm, in the briefest moment of free time before lunch. Lunch is the final parent goodbye thing. Brit's parents already left, but mine stayed the night.

So moving in was crazy. So mucchhhh stufff! So much. Probably too much. ;) Oh well. Our dorm room is starting to vaguely resemble a somewhat organized dorm room. The only problem is the beds are approximately eight inches from the ceiling-- I've already hit my head multiple times.

It's also been crazy busy here. This orientation week-thing is jam packed with all sorts of stuff. I just got done with my French placement test. I'm thinking I'll place in 2nd semester French I but I'm not sure. Some of it was easy and then some of it....*shudder*. Suffice to say, I've never understood future tense nor the whole de/des/a/ect. And then at the end of the test they had some culture questions. Though I just looked up one of the culture questions and found that I guessed right! They said that most people ended up in either 1st semester or 2nd semester French I.

The only problem that I forsee with the whole French thing is that they have one French teacher here at Hendrix and I haven't heard anything good about her....but oh well, I shall see.

Whew, it's been crazy. ;) Super busy. Today we're setting up our tentative schedules online and then tomorrow we're meeting with our adviser to set up our schedule. And then for the OR trip-- dude ranch! :)

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