Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two flashlights and one dark meadow...

Add two friends, and it all equals one fun night ;)

To begin with, the sun was just setting...

And it was beautiful (: I also took a panoramic, which I'll post later. Anyway, just as I was admiring the sunset, which was very quickly fading, my friends were fed up with the attacking bugs. We had, of course, neglected to bring any bug spray. I was so enamored with my new camera, and trying to work my tripod that they bugs barely made a dent in my mind. ;) However, the sun was just low enough so the sunset was mostly over, but it was really too light to do light trails. So, we drove back into town to my friends house and grabbed some much needed bug spray.

Then, back to the meadow for more photos. (: The 'meadow' by the way, has its own back story, I don't believe I've told here... It's this beautiful field, surrounded by trees, on the outskirts of town. I honestly don't remember how I first heard of it. I think it was through one of my friends, who heard about it through her friends. One guy from our school had found it, and had left a note for the owner, asking if he and his friends could come there sometimes-- to stargaze and the like. The owner responded, though a note I think, that as long as he didn't do anything destructive it was all good. And so it trickled through our friends and I heard about it. The first time I went was with two of my friends. It was mostly called the firefly meadow then because that is why we went-- to see the fireflies.

We got there, it was pitch black, lit only by the moon. It was pretty isolated, surrounded only by other fields. I hesitate to say 'fields' because nothing was being cultivated. Imagine long pastures, with large trees bordering it. (: Anyway, we climbed over the gate, nervously peering into the darkness. I had seen too many tv shows, and so everything I heard just had to be an ax murderer waiting in the shadows. Then, I looked over the meadow. Hundreds of fireflies flickered across the long grass. It was magical.

Over the years we went back many times. First, it was just to see the fireflies. Then, it was to stargaze. One time it was a group of roughly ten of us going. The farmer had balled the grass/hay/alfala/whatever grows there into large circles. With a little, okay a lot, of help I jumped up on top of one. I had just got a new star app, which allowed me to tilt it to the sky and see the names of the constellations I was seeing.

We were all enjoying the night when a strange sound echoed through the meadow. It just sounded like a really pissed off bull frog to me, but to everyone else it sounded like a rabid badger that was intent on ripping us limb from limb. Thus, the night ended as we all tore off for the cars. ;)

Anyway, once I learned of the magic of long exposure photography, the meadow took on another meaning. It became the perfect place to take pictures, and that is what I wanted to show you today.

Thanks to the tripod and a friend, I was finally able to test out my wing idea-- the create wings of light behind a person.


My creative friends then did their interpretation of wings.

I loved the way it all turned out-- so different from what I originally imagined-- so much better. ;)

Next up was another idea that I had had in my head. I wanted to have two positions and streaks of light-- yes, it all made sense in my head somehow ;) What I wanted to do was to really convey motion, in an abstract and swirly way but also to illustrate motion in a very concrete way, with the person stopping in two different positions, putting the light on themselves to 'freeze' them there.

I rather like the result ;)

The last picture was not something that I had planned on. My friend was experimenting with creating a 'lighting' type scene but it just looked like I was holding a weird wand-- thus the idea was born. Being the geeks we were, we just had to look like we were holding wands.

It's a little 'washed' out because my friend was standing behind the tripod flashing her flashlight on us for a good five seconds. It would have been better to be closer, and move the light/have on for a shorter amount of time. Anyywayy, I still love the photo :D

So hopefully the story time wasn't too lonngg and the pictures made up for it ;)

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