Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow. I can't believe it is already the 14th. The 16th is when I move into college. The days just keep flying by me-- it's surreal.

Anyway, we got back from our family trip last night-- late, late last night. Tonight, I'm dying my hair. Nothing too drastic, mind you. Just a nice little red streak in my hair. :) My friend, and future college roommate, is dying the tips of her hair purple.

We will be ready for college :D

Well, sort of.

As ready as we're gonna be.

Oddly enough, this is starting to turn more into a blog, blog rather than a photo blog.

Sorry 'bout that. I'm busy, getting ready for college, and don't have too much time to spend editing and uploading pictures. I will have tons of pictures of our dorm and such, don't worry :D

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