Tuesday, August 23, 2011

College Woes

Yup, it's started early.

You see, I lost my phone. I've checked everywhere I can possibly think of, to no avail. Hopefully someone will find it and turn it in to the lost and found soon.


Besides that, I've gone to a total of two college classes so far. The first one, Journey's wasn't bad and I had Cal I this morning, which was fun. Haha, at least my definition of fun.

We had Shirttails practice last night. Shirttails is this dance competition here at Hendrix. All the dorms preform dances and then judges determine the winning dorm.

To put it in the nicest possible manner, the dances here aren't...really classy. However, that's just Shirttails. The dance my dorm is doing is athletically challenging-- by the end of the practice I realized just how out of shape I really am. ;) My roommate is soaking it up and having a great time-- she is a dancer so the moves come easy for her. Regardless, it's gonna be crazy. Our routine is five minutes long, and we preform this Saturday. And so far we know maybe thirty seconds-- at most.

So on top of classes and homework, we also have two hour Shirttails practices at night. But it's gonna be fun ;)

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