Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My baby :)

My baby came in yesterday. :D

Myyy precciioouuss...

Sorry, couldn't help it. My friends and I are watching the third LOTR movie today. :)

Anyway! I was just about dancing with joy when the UPS man dropped the package off at my house. It's just so beautiful! To zoom, I twist the lens-- it's so fun. It's like Christmas. :D

So, after charging the battery and skimming over most of the manual, I took it outside to see how she works. It took some getting used, but after pressing random buttons, I understand how to work the manual mode.

I've never been one to actually use the viewfinder on my point and shoot-- I've just always used the LCD screen. On my SLR, I'm switching over to the viewfinder. The main reason for this is because when I'm using just the viewfinder, it takes like one second to focus. When using the LCD screen it takes like 5...

However, the viewfinder is going to take some getting used to. I'm so used to seeing exactly how the photo is going to turn out-- exposure wise. When using the viewfinder, you don't get that. You have the meter, which tells you if it's underexposed/overexposed but visually, you don't see it. Which means I've taken a lot of photos that look amazing in the viewfinder, but are awfully under/overexposed.

One of major worries about the camera was that I would not be able to take close up pictures.

Well that proved to be a lie. ;) That picture is about as close up as I wished to get, and I still got clarity and focus. :D Major win.

I just love the way the pictures turn out. For some reason, they just seem...better? than with my point and shoot. Whenever I took landscape/ect photos on my point and shoot, nothing seemed to pop, it just seemed...like there was no detial? I don't know how to explain it, but to say I do not have that problem with my beautiful SLR.

Of course, the major win is to be able to focus on objects that aren't ten inches away from my camera.

Here, I still get that nice pop and fuzzy background, even though it isn't a real close up-- something unattainable with my point and shoot.

Suffice to say, I'm happy :D I can now do more portraits.

The AF has really been a lifesaver. I'm not used to having the camera do all the work and let me tell you it is a blast. Yesterday I was out taking pictures when a beautiful yellow butterfly landed on a flower I was nearby. I was able to easy zoom-- without losing quality, by the way, like on my point and shoot-- click the shutter, which AF quickly and take photos.


It's going to take some getting used to, that's for sure. There are so many more options, and getting to used to the viewfinder is something that I need to do. Overall, though, I'm in absolute love. :D

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