Sunday, September 30, 2012


Perhaps it is a nod to how college may change you, that this is not the first time that I have started a post specifically to talk about how I have jerry-rigged something in my life.

You see, I may have told you that when faced with a problem I come up with odd solutions. Like, using a deodorant lid to mix paint, or carving a 'bullet' out of a potato to take a picture. 

This was forever ago, for an art project.
Or you may remember my original post Jerry-Rigged Chinese Food. Regardless, my odd solutions tend to work out. Well, not really with that Chinese food one-- turns out the cup was not microwavable safe. And in case you're curious what happens when you microwave a non-microwaveable safe cup, it cracks. What I thought were just odd lines turned out to be huge cracks in the bottom-- which I found out when I tried to full the cup up.

Anyway! I started this post primarily to write about my newest accomplishment. You see, I received this really cute Paris magnetic board (haha long story short behind the magnetic board, thank you hot French guys whose names I cannot remember) before heading off to college. Then I forgot it at home. After my brief trip home, I eagerly brought it back to school, planning on hanging it up behind my desk with command strips. Because, you know, command strips are like magic.

Well, not really. The dorm I live in is so old (and moldy...which isn't particularly applicable in this story but in case you were curious it smells. And has an ant problem. And the lights in the bathroom don't work too well. But other than that it's a great dorm!) and the walls have been covered in numerous coats of the paint. What this means is that the command strips do their very best to adhere to the wall, but often times just end up stripping off the most recent coat of white paint.

So, this weekend being Parents Weekend my parents, being the amazing parents they are, brought me alcohol.

Rubbing, alcohol that is, for the walls. I hoped that if I cleaned them well, then the command strips would actually work. And they did.

For about two hours. Last night, at some awful hour of the morning, my magnetic board fell off the wall, crashing down. Viewing the situation, I finally decided to just ditch the command strips.

Enter, an ice cream scoop. You see, for Christmas my mother bought me an ice cream scoop-- and seeing how I don't eat that much ice cream, I didn't think it would particularly useful.

Until now. 

Yup, that's my ice cream scoop. Holding up my magnetic board through a little bit of magic. :)

As soon as I got my eccentric idea to work, I jumped up and down, wishing that either of my roommates was in my room-- and texted just about everyone I knew.

Sorry, I'm just a little proud. This stupid magnetic board has refused to stay on the walls-- and I've been trying to adhere it for like a month. 

A close-up of the magic. :)

In other news, this weekend has been kind of amazing. It's been the lightest homework load of any week so far, it's also Parents Weekend, I saw the new movie Looper on Friday, the mini-season finale of Dr Who on Saturday and hung out with friends in between all that. :)

Last night, before Dr Who, some friends and I went to the local lake to play on the swings.

For homework.

On Friday our Physics teacher told us to go on some swings because they are an awesome representation of a driven harmonic oscillator. 

 So of course we had to do our homework. ;)

I'm going to have to do all the other less fun homework I've been putting on today, but overall, it's been a good weekend, and a much needed stress-reliever.

As always, thanks for reading!

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