Tuesday, October 2, 2012


And no, I didn't just make up that word. Iphoneography. It's a thing. ;)

You see, iPhones are amazing for a number of reasons. One of them happens to be their ability to be an pretty decent camera.

 I recently took a couple of pictures with my iPhone, and wanted to share some cool tips. You see, there is one area where I reach for my iPhone over my SLR. Which, obviously, is a huge, rare once-in-a-blue-moon event.

You see (wow I say that too much), I'm kind of in love with long-exposure photography. Which, if you don't know, is where you have a really long shutter speed-- anything that moves simply becomes long brush strokes on a canvas of light.

The issue with this is that you need dim lighting to do long exposure. Otherwise, even if you have a really small aperture, your long shutter speed will over-exposure your photo.

Enter, the iPhone. At the very real risk of sounding like a commercial, there's an app for that. What I mean is that there are apps that allow you to manipulate your iPhone into taking long exposure photos. You see, an iPhone doesn't take traditional long exposure photos-- so it doesn't work well in the dim lighting that an SLR needs. Rather, the apps use this dark magic (some sort of algorithm editing deal) that realistically fakes the look of a traditional long exposure.

Example A :) This was actually taken a while ago. What I love, though, is how crisp the tree branches are, while the racing clouds were turned into streaks. This is a long exposure done in the middle of the day-- magic made possible by the iPhone.

Example B-- this is me procrastinating in a practice room. ;) I really liked how the pictured turned out, however. I love how the hands are mere blurs, and I'm only seen in the reflection.

So I'm trying out this new feature (well, new to me) that allows you to write a post, and then schedule when it will be published...*fingers crossed* Let's see what'll happen! Not that you, my dear reader, will know that I wrote this at any other time than it was published. Still, it's a rather convenient function. It allows me to write when I have the time-- which may mean I write two posts on one day-- and then spread out when I publish them.

As always, thanks for reading! Whenever you actually read this, that is ;) 

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