Wednesday, October 10, 2012

500 Miles pt 2

Missed Part one?

Where we last left off, my friends and were taking a jaunt through the woods.

The Lovely Adventuring Group
It was a brisk, early fall morning and we set off down the trail.

Our progress was slowed by the fact that every time my eyes spotted something pretty I had to stop, pause, and take copious amounts of pictures.

My friends were nice enough to wait as I snapped shots of the bridges, the views, and even the pretty leaves.

We took a few detours off the beaten path-- we hung out on this little rocky outcropping for a little bit, gazing into the forest.

We were running off the fuel of a couple of muffins taken from the motel lobby. The beauty of nature, though, distracted me from the fact that I was missing lunch. And I never miss meals.

It was just so nice, to be out in nature. Such a needed change from the stress of daily college life. Instead of worrying about physics; obsessing over differential equations, I was relaxed, just enjoying life.

Look at that view! This was the largest overlook we found-- the view was just amazing. I might post a panoramic later. It was very lord of the rings-esque, with the undulating forest, hidden streams just barely peaking out through the trees.

No one wanted to leave; we lingered even after the rain started to pick up.

We knew we had to leaven soon-- it was late and we didn't really know how to get back to where we parked the car.

Yeah, my friends are kind of crazy. ;) What you don't see is us yelling, before, during and after the picture was taken, at Dave to put her down. Also, you don't see how close we were to the edge.

All for the shot?

It was only after we were fairly soaked that we reluctantly left the quietly peaceful overlook.

After little difficulty, we found our way back to the car. Flipping through the food options on my awesome GPS we settled on a cheap, authentic Chinese restaurant.

Sadly, we couldn't escape the burden of a heavy homework load forever, so we headed to a local Barns and Noble to get some work done.

Once again, thank you Dave and loose Facebook regulations.
After a brief dinner (where every football game on was featured on one of the copious tvs. aka, amazingness), we headed to find the slam poetry finals!

It took a little effort, but we somehow managed to find a place to park, and make our way through the U of A campus to the student union, where the competition was held.

The finals were, in short, kind of amazing. The poems were touching, insightful, and funny. Well not all at once I should say. I should've taped some of them-- they were all so good!

After the finals were over, and a winner declared, we started our late car ride back to the wonderful world of Hendrix.

And that, my dear friends, is how our first ever college road trip of epicness happened.

Thanks for reading :)

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