Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday marked the beginning of Fall Break. Hendrix is awesome in that it breaks up the normally week long break of Thanksgiving into two days now, and then three days later. It's nice to have this little breather, about midway through the semester.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to the sound of crashing thunder-- which is possible the best way to wake up. Well, it's tied to the morning I woke up the sound of birds singing. That was pretty nice.

The pouring down rain dashed my plans of getting some morning pictures. Instead, I watched the rain fall as I sipped my coffee, reveling in just what a drastic change it was, being home. Once the rain stopped I headed outside to get some pictures.

If I were to write a paper on my stance about proper lighting conditions (which I wouldn't, even writing that title I feel a little bored) I would definitely include rainy/cloudy days as unappreciated beauty. I admit, I'm obsessed with light just as much as the next photographer, but don't think that just because you can't see the sun, there is no beautiful light to be found. Mostly I loved shooting this morning because of all the rain drops that clung to the flowers, reluctant to succumb to gravity.

There was a beautiful, blooming rose bush-- one that I've been taking pictures of ever since I began my foray into photography as an art form.

Another rule that I just decided to make up: don't discount flowers just because they are dead. There is beauty in more than just the pretty blooms of life. ((wow I'm starting to sound a little metaphorical here))

I like the harsh black pods of these long dead flowers.

Funny story on the next photo, I had just pulled into the driveway after a two-ish hour drive. I got out of the car and was about to go inside when I caught a glimpse of the flower below, the warm sunlight playing against the velvety purple. I had one shoe on, was cold, and wanted to go see my parents but before any of that I tore through my suitcase to find my camera, certain that the light would die out before I could capture it. Wishing I had left my camera case out, I pulled out my baby and snapped a few shots.

 I kind of love the results. I played around with the editing, trying to bring out the diffused light, and the laid back, purple vibe of the scene.

Anyway, I am off to relax! I'm hanging out with friends today, and then I'm going to a Red Wolves football game this Saturday-- so excited! It's been far too long since I've been to a college football game.

Thanks for reading :)

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