Sunday, October 14, 2012


More fall break photos!

Last year, my fall break photos were dappled in warm sunlight. This year, the weather was cold and windy, which drastically changed the type of photos I could take.

Not in a bad way, though. I love taking pictures of raindrops.

Another thing I love is editing photos-- I thought I would show you a couple before and afters of my fall break photos.





I've fallen in love with a new set of actions that I use for like, everything ;) I have no clue what they are called-- or where I found them. I have like fifty actions that I downloaded and then never used. Until now.

 In other news, we found a little turtle, burrowed in our back yard, ready to hibernate for winter. Until we woke up it while digging a hole.

And then preceded to ooo and awwww over it for like an hour. :)

So cute! Hopefully it went back to hibernating for the winter.

Football! I was so excited that this year, one of my team's (Red Wolves!) games fell over fall break. I've haven't been able to go to a game in foreeverrrr so it was nice to be back. :) And we won. Which is always good. Also, I was able to hang out with some friends I also haven't seen in foreevvverr.

Football and friends. What more could you ask for?

Anyway, I'm back at Hendrix now, trading in the blissful break for a ton of homework. Which I really should get started on....

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Nice pics as usual. Also I worked at that game on video! If I knew you were there, I would of said something. Oh well. :/