Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way

I had almost forgotten about the whole blog thing. You know, editing pictures, writing post, it just had kind of slipped to the far back of my mind.

Life had just gotten in the way. It's not that I don't have anything to post about. Rather it's just impossible to find the time to post about everything that's been going on.

I could write about the small stuff, like how I think I've finally killed all the ants that had set up residency on my desk.

Or I could write about the bigger stuff, like how I just got an A on my second test in my upper level physics class. (yeah I was pumped)

Or I could just post some pictures of my life. On a side note, what started this awful no blogging post was a trip to Pinnacle. I took my camera, excited to take some pictures and write a blog post about it. However, we climbed in the mountain (hill? mountain? come to think of it, I thought Mt. Magazine was the only true mountain in Arkansas......) in the middle of the day. The beauty of the world doesn't also transfer well to photos in the harsh light of midday. So I wasn't very satisfied with any of the photos I ended up with; thus the post was never written.

But I have some photos now!

A typical physics study session.

Just kidding, but this did make for a fun break. ;) 

My music haul! My school was having a huge book sale at unbelievably low prices-- each sheet music book was 10 cents. O.O 10 cents!! It was kind amazing. Not gonna lie. I picked up some things from most of my favorite pianists.

To further solidify just how much of a geek I truly, here is a basset horn (yeah. google it) concert! I also went to the class they had held earlier that afternoon talking about the evolution of the modern clarinet.

So cool!

 On an exciting note, my friends back home came down for the weekend! Just in time for our Halloween party, Ghost Roast.

While the party suckedddd it was so much fun just to hang out with them. 

Witches!....and a guy in a suit.

We really went all out for our costumes.

The party! What you can't tell by this picture is how there was no music-- and when you could actually hear it, it sucked. So no one was dancing. It was just a pit full of half-drunk people just standing there.

Yeah, kind of boring.

Saturday night we headed to Little Rock to see the new movie Cloud Atlas. I won't even attempt to say anything about that movie-- my head is still spinning from it.

In other news, I printed off some of photos to decorate my walls :) I'll take some pictures of the result!

And there it is! I've finally written a blog post! It's been wayyyy too long. I'll try to write another one soon. ;)

Thanks for sticking around!

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