Sunday, November 4, 2012


 Look! It's a post! By some stroke of luck I managed to finish my homework relatively early, giving me a rare break.

So I hung some Christmas lights. Unlike many bitter people I see on facebook, I was thrilled when I found stores decked out for Christmas the second Halloween had past. Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday-- brightening up the bleak nights of winter with cheery light. 

 This year I bought some white lights to illuminated the dark corners of my desk. After a little difficulty, I managed to string them up-- and then proceeded to take copious amounts of pictures.

A week or so ago, a Chinese missionary came to my youth group to talk about her life and job. She brought Chinese stuff with her ;) They are a nice splash of red hanging above my desk.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend with some relatives, shopping and relaxing :) I found this cute at the dollar jewelry store!

And this cutie was at my grandparent's house. :) Look at that face. Adorable.

It was such a nice change to be around family, college football, and cats, a nice break from the stress of college.

  This was the beautiful sunset as we drove to my grandparent's house. I wish I had had my actual camera with me-- this iPhone photo just doesn't do it justice.

This Oreo-laden goodness was found at our favorite local coffee house. :) It was so nice to chill and hang out with friends on Friday. 

More owl fun! I strung him up once I realized what amazing bokeh (it IS a word, stupid auto correct! It describes how the Christmas lights turned into little globes of light in the background) the Christmas lights made.

China! Would be an awesome place to visit, the culture (and the language) is just intriguingly foreign.

Well my photoshop has officially locked up so I guess I won't post any more photos! Just a quick note that assure you that I'm still alive. And it's been less than a week since my last post!

Thanks for reading :)

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