Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adding Color to Your Life

(Title doesn't make sense? Keep reading! may help...)

It's not like I don't have things to post about. It's not even like I don't have pictures to post.

 Because I do! It's just the crazy, hectic week-long rush to Thanksgiving that has been keeping me somewhat...preoccupied.

Such a lovely place to study! Not so lovely? The fact that this was a Friday...wait maybe Saturday...or Sunday? night. Regardless, I may not remember what day it was, but I do distinctly remember not wanting to work. Who'd guessed. 

Ice skating! It has been far too long since the last time we all went ice skating so last Saturday a couple of us drove to Little Rock to go ice skating. 

We are all obviously very talented.

Except, you know, not. We have yet to master the trick of stopping. I typically find a nice wall to run into; not the best solution. 

It was a blast, despite the many wounds we all suffered-- I can't wait to go back. :D

While I have been buried under a crushing mountain of homework, I've had a few moments here and there to relax. One thing I really miss since coming to college is graphic design. I was never great at it, but it's something that I've always enjoyed. In high school I made posters for various organizations, t-shirt designs for clubs, and lots of photo manipulations. Since college kills any free time, it's been a while since I've messed around in photoshop to do more than minor edits to photos.

Until last night! On the night of the beginning of the stress-full-math-and-physics-packed-killer-weekend/ish/thing, I took a break to de-stress. (why isn't this a word?? if any concept needs to find reality in a string of letters this is it) Something I began interested in during high school was recoloring/editing old black and white photos. I scanned some from my father's childhood, but hadn't had any time to actually work on them.

So! I've messed around with one...I'm not sure how I feel about the result so I'll just post it and see what ya think.



I wasn't wild about how the grass turned out...and I ran out of things to add color to. For example, the house in the background...would just be white most likely, if the picture had color. So while I know conceptually I don't need to add color to the house, it still feels like it needs something. Also, I painted the car blue mostly because I really want some more color in the picture, even if a bright blue car would have possibly been less common.

Anyway! That's just something I do for fun, I'll post more if I have time to edit more. But for now, I'm off to go into self-exile in the library to work on some differential equations!

Thanks for reading :)

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