Friday, November 23, 2012

Wonders of Photoshop

What? Another post? So soon?

Thanks to the break, I actually have photos to post, and time to post them! On today's segment, I have some really cool Photoshop techniques to show off.

A really big trend in today's amateur photography is making your photo looked like it was taken years ago. Ironically, the way to make this happen is through the newest technology. Instagram is good, but Photoshop is better.

I stumbled upon a really cool tutorial on how to effectively age a photograph.



 I've altered the colors, added 'light leaks'-- the red things, and added a texture all in an attempt to make you think that just perhaps, this photo was snapped years ago, and not two days ago.

After learning this technique I just had to try it on other photos.


This picture is from our last trip to Pinnacle. I took a lot of photos but because of the awful mid-day lighting, I didn't post any.


 I liked how this portrait turned out; added interest to the otherwise straightforward picture.

Want me to age your photo? Send me a link; I need more practice ;) 

Another technique that I've been obsessing over is the ability to make a photo resemble an oil painting.

Look at those colors! I love how they swirl around each other, giving motion to the photo. I had to download an extra plugin to achieve this oil painting effect but it was free and so worth it! 

See? Pretty awesome effect. And I don't even have to do anything but run a plugin (aka hit a few buttons).

Even though everything's pretty much dead in my yard, doesn't mean that there aren't still plenty of photo opportunities!

I spent a lot of time trying to get just the perfect picture of falling leaves-- a lot harder than one might expect! I never achieved that perfect image that I had in my head, but I liked this one. I used my new 'Nashville' action on this photo.

Thanksgiving was so much fun! It was great to get together with family, watch football, and eat delicious food. I'm thankful for so many things-- I could do a long blog series ;)

I'm excited for Christmas break not only for the much needed break from stress and school, but also because I have a few craft ideas running around in my head. I can't wait to have time again to be crafty!

Thanks for reading:)

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