Monday, December 3, 2012

Cabin in the Woods

Alternatively titled "That time when I thought that I should blog rather than studying for finals which may or may not end all life as we know it."

But I just thought 'Cabin the Woods' would be a bit...catchier. Besides, I don't have a final till Friday. Which is like four days away.

It's totally not panicking time yet.

That's tomorrow.

But for today I remain in blissful peace, breaking my one week Facebook fast to post some pictures from the LSF retreat. LSF=Lutheran Student Fellowship, aka fancy way to say youth group. Since I was putting them on Facebook, I thought I would blog about the retreat.

  To start off with, we redeemed ourselves from the fishing fiasco that was the mission trip in Colorado where we spent hours standing around a still pond with half-broken fishing poles and fake bait, waiting for the fish to bite. It took roughly half a minute after throwing out my bait for my bobber to jerk under the water here in Arkansas.

Getting lucky in Arkansas
The fish were biting like crazy and the unnaturally warm weather made it a pleasant day for fishing.

So cool!
Besides fishing we played copious amounts of card games, and went skeet shooting.

In case you didn't know ((I didn't)) skeet shooting involves launching tiny Frisbee shaped objects into the air, and then trying to shot the hurling, spinning disks while they whiz past you. And if you have the sense to keep your eyes open ((I didn't)) and don't just blindly shoot, you might manage to hit one.

It was my first time shooting a gun; much louder than I had expected. Also much, much more difficult that I was expecting. Once I forced myself to keep my eyes open, I had better luck-- somehow managing to actually hit one of those awfully-small-tiny-barely-there-traveling-at-the-speed-of-light 'clay pigeons.'

We had campfires-- and I had so much fun experimenting with long exposures. ;) The fire was just so much fun to shoot.

I could post a lot more photos of the flickering flames but I don't want to bore you, dear reader who puts up with my erratic posting. ;)

But seriously. Look at those colors. And that movement. I love how soft the fire looks, spreading out against the black background.

Anyway! LSF retreat was last weekend, this week is the beginning of finals. I had my last day of classes today....such an odd feeling, half of sophomore year is almost over! It's crazy.

I mean if I think back to the beginning of the semester that feels like ages ago. However, it also feels like my first semester just fly past me. There were some crappy days and some good days, like on the LSF retreat, nearing crying from laughter when trying to play spoons with fake British commentary. I just feel like college is speeding by; soon it'll be over, and real life will begin.....

But until then I'll just pretend to not be freaking out about finals.

I'll probably have another my-life-is-over-finals-are-still-going-I-hate-college post before it's all said and done even if break seems sooo close and yet so far away (cheesy sayings for the win!)

Thanks for reading :) 

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