Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hungry Birds

Not to be confused with Angry Birds, the odd phone game that I refuse to play because the last thing I need is another way to procrastinate.

No, hungry birds! Like the poor ones outside now, pecking around the snow laden earth.

When I came home for break, I walked into the kitchen and into a delicious aroma. I asked my mom what she was cooking that smelled so good.

Bird suet, she replied, leaving me disappointed. However, the birds were happy and I thought I would post a quick tutorial on how to make amazing-smelling bird suet that will have the birds flocking to your yard like the proverbial (haha)milkshake. (old song references for the win!)

The cast of characters! Lard, crunchy peanut butter, whole grain oats, corn meal, flour, sugar, and quick oats.

Start by scooping one cup of lard and one cup of peanut butter into a bowl and microwaving it until melted.

It may sound, and look, a little disgusting but it smells amazing.

Next, mix together your dry ingredients.

You need a total of two cups of oats-- spilt this how you will between whole grain and quick oats. You can do half and half. One fourth and three fourths. Be creative. Live your life.
Add to your lovely mix of oats two cups of cornmeal, one cup of flour, and a third cup of sugar.

Next, mix your now melted peanut butter mixture with the dry mixture. This will create a nice consistency, perfect for molding into shapes.

My mother chose to form patties to go into our bird feeder. Whatever shape you make, the birds will love it. Just put some outside and feel better about being all nice and cozy inside a house.

Thanks for reading! 

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