Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Games

I would just like to take some time to admire just how cute my cat is.

Because really, you guys haven't seen enough pictures of him.

I mean look at that face. How the dark colors are complimented by the black blanket.

I may only be 19 ((for only a little while longer! stay tuned for the existential crisis that I'll have when I, once and for all, leave my teenager years behind and embrace the cold reality of adulthood. except not because I still live at home)) but I'm well on my way to becoming an old cat lady.

I mean, not only do I enjoy knitting, I also love cats.

Look at that face!
Though I do have more to talk about than just how cute my two-eyed kitty is.


I always wanted to briefly talk about this book I just finished, called The Games.

It took me two days to read; I was surprised how easy it was to read, after a semester of reading nothing more than textbooks and subtitles.

It's set in the near future, where the Olympic games have taken a more...sinister turn. Alongside the normal track and field, there is a gladiator event. Each country creates their own creature, through advanced genetic stuff, that fights to the death.

Whatever could go wrong??

If you happen to be a biologist then this book is for you! If you, like me, aren't up to date on all the crazy big word terminology just wait for the requisite I'm-not-a-scientist character who translates the science into laymen terms.

Good book; go read it. I found it through one of many best book lists I perused, after finding a huge list of lists on Pinterest.

Pinterest to the rescue!

In other news I'm back to bicycling, something I missed while at school.

5.54 miles may not sound bad but rest assured, it was all uphill. Both ways.

Or at least it sure felt like it. Being the girl-scout-drop-out I am, I didn't think to bring water, spurring dreams of just finding a random water bottle stand in the streets.

Which, by the way, didn't happen.

Thanks for reading :)

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