Friday, December 14, 2012

Hidden Message

What, a new post?! So soon after the last one??

It's surprising how much time one has during break.

Like time to make wreathes!

My mother and I took some stale popcorn, old cranberries, and a wreath form. Tediously, we strung the popcorn and berries onto floral wire type things.

Considering that wreaths can go for $50-more at Hobby Lobby this was a cheap alternative. Not only did it look cool, it would be a pretty bird feeder.

Foster was pretty curious ;)

The wreath was delicately illuminated by the winter sun; I tried forever to get a good picture of the final wreath but didn't come up with much.

Anyway! Throughout the semester I have taught some of my friends my crafty ways, evident by this amazingly funny t-shirt my friend made for her boyfriend.

It's modeled after his high school t-shirt; a high school that he adores very much.

I was flipping through my photos, found this, and resolved to be crafty now that I had time to. So first order of business was to try this crayon tutorial I had seen on Pinterest.

Yes, it took a while, but I am finally into Pinterest.

Anyway, the tutorial called for white crayons and watercolors. What do you do when you don't have watercolors?

Grab some old calligraphy ink and see what happens! Of course. Who needs rules anyway?

I mean look at that color. I'm not into calligraphy like I used to be, and I wanted to put the beautiful ink to some use.

I did have a white crayon! Which is certainly helpful.

Step One:

 Write your message with white crayon on the white page. It's a little tricky to do seeing how you can't really see what you're writing....but just, you know, guess. ((if you think I'm bad with being specific you should see me cook. 'oh that kind of sort of looks like a cup, right? and like what happens if I put in 2 tablespoons instead of one?))

Step Two:

 Paint over said black message with watercolor/watered down calligraphy ink/watered down paint/really whatever you feel like trying.

Step Three:

Wish you had watercolor.

Step Four:

Figure since you broke the rules it won't work, through some watered down paint on your picture....nothing happens.....walk away wishing that younger you had been into watercolor rather than calligraphy.....walk back to put everything away ONLY to discover that all it took was time, and the white was showing through the paint.

If you do use paint make sure to dilute it well. Save yourself my indecision. 

So, yeah. This tutorial required me to be slightly more artistic than I really am so I wasn't blown away by the results, but it's a fun, easy tutorial.

Stay tuned to see how quickly and creatively my boredom turns into craftiness!

Thanks for reading :)

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