Thursday, December 27, 2012

The One with the Blizzard

Yup you read it right! No, I'm not delusional.

We were under a blizzard warning.

Us. Little ol' hotter-than-Hades Arkansas.

Now as to whether or not we actually got the so called blizzard I can't really say. I went to bed Christmas night still firmly believing that all weathermen were lying to us and we wouldn't get any snow.

I woke up to six inches of powder beautiful goodness.

As a side note I would just like to say that it took me roughly half an hour to figure out how to get that picture right there. Half an hour. Just to figure out how to copy and paste.

This new Windows 8 just might be the death of me.

Anyway! Aside from small issues I do adore my new fannccyyyy computer that I got for Christmas. I mean, working Photoshop with a touchscreen? Dream. Come. True.
And Windows 8 is really cool, just a little hard to get used to.

Back to snow! (another 30 min interlude that you, dear reader, doesn't have to sit through. be thankful)

yay for cropping!

It was crazy to wake up to this much snow; a lovely type of crazy seeing how I didn't have anywhere I needed to be.

Snow, while beautiful, can also be quite damaging. It sticks to bushes and weighs them down till they break.

Which is why I ran outside early in the morning to try and snap photos as my dad beat all the snow off our bushes. I actually haven't been out since. It's just too lovely to be lazy, sitting inside, sipping tea/hot coca, and looking out at the snow. Rather than going out and getting cold and wet. Conveniently about the only thing I didn't bring home for break were my rain boots-- which would be really useful right about now.

The snow has persisted for a day now-- also a rare event in Arkansas. It's supposed to rain tomorrow; mixed with freezing temperatures at night might make the roads...interesting to say the least.
But since I'm still on break (yay! though I'm not gonna lie, I'm still dreaming of ways to redecorate my dorm room, Anna watch out;) I'll just stay inside, enjoying the rare winter weather :)

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