Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Bite of Heaven

When I'm at Hendrix I probably eat around three desserts a day.

It's kind of a bad habit, even if I have yet to hit that Freshmen 15. I can't help it; the desserts at Hendrix, like most food they cook, are amazing. It's hard not to grab a piece a cake at lunch, and cookies at dinner.

Desserts at home, however, are slightly more scare-- which is probably a good thing. A couple nights ago I was really craving something sweet, but didn't want to make a lot of cookies. I just wanted one.

Enter, the amazing internet and a recipe I happened to stumbled upon. A cup, a couple of ingredients, a microwave, and a couple of minutes later I had a hot, fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookie.

I've heard of making mini-cakes in a cup but I've never had good experiences with those recipes; the cakes always ended up being tough and well...not good. However, the simplicity of it kept nagging at me-- it only takes a minute of cooking time; might as well give it a go, right?

This time I looked for recipes for making a chocolate chip cookie in a cup.

Step One:

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a microwaveable safe cup/mug. Add to the now melted butter one tablespoon of white sugar and one tablespoon of brown sugar.

I didn't take many pictures of me making this because:
1) There wasn't any good natural lighting since it was night
2) I didn't think it was going to turn out

Step Two:

Add a couple drops of vanilla (extract if you must) and a pinch of Kosher salt. (How is salt Kosher? Kosher as in Jewish customs Kosher?)

Add one egg yolk and stir to combine.

Step Three:

Add 1/4 cup of flour. Or, be like me and just grab the nearest clean measuring cup and decide that you can eyeball 1/4 cup.

Ehh close enough

Mix thoroughly; it'll start to resemble cookie dough by this point. If not, well you probably did something wrong. I don't know what, though. This recipe is almost fool-proof. ((wanna know what's not fool proof? Jello! Who knew that Jello could be difficult to make?? Not me; until my stupid Jello refused to relinquish its liquid state no matter how long I waited))

 Add chocolate chips to your desire. Haha I always find it so funny when recipes tell you exactly how much chocolate chips to add. As if it mattered-- you could even forgo the chocolate chips completely; it's up to you.

But don't do that. The chocolate chips add a much needed nice sweetness to the dough. For kicks I threw a Hershey's kiss on top.

Step Four (Five? Who even knows anymore?):

Stick the cup/mug/whatever-you-heart-desires into the microwave and microwave for 60 secs. You can set it for 40 (or whatever) seconds and then check to see if it's done. Since this involves egg yolk, you do want to make sure that your dough is cooked.

Step Five:
Enjoy life. Eat your fresh, personalized chocolate chip cookie!

Next time I'm going to experiment; what if I added coco powder to the batter and topped it off with a layer of marshmallows and crushed Graham crackers? S'mores in a cup??

Life is exciting.

Thanks for reading/suffering through my pretty butchered attempt to write out a recipe! :)

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