Wednesday, December 12, 2012

C'est fini!

It's...over. Half of my sophomore year...finished.

After finishing my last final I headed to the Murphy House and enjoyed my new found freedom by relaxing in front of a fire, sipping tea, and reading a French magazine.

Yup. Life is good after finals. No more stress no more obsessing over verb tenses, Maxwell's equations, Laplace transforms, or enthalpy changes.

It's over. In a way ((well in most ways)) I'm immensely glad that finals are over. After this challenging semester I need a month break. However, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness as I walked out of MC after my chem test, realizing that I wouldn't go to Vibes and Waves again, wouldn't have Diffy-Q.

Festive Physics Class!

Pretty bittersweet in an unexpected way.

What's not unexpected is that I'm so excited for break! Time to sleep, time to bake, time to blog, time to craft, time to hang out with friends-- I can't wait. :D

Yes that's a crane. Made out of a Recces peanut butter cup wrapper.

Let's just say that procrastination took on a more creative form as time went on this year ;)

I'm oddly excited for next year. I'll have the same awesome physics teacher as this year, an intriguing history class, a high level French class (yeah, we'll see how that turns out), and another chem class (oh well).

More Crane fun!

I keep obsessively checkout my grades, but it will be a while before any of them are posted.

It's official. Finals turned me into a tea drinker. I never thought I would say it. After all, I'm an ardently, mostly straight black coffee drinker. But the warm, free, fruity-goodness tea in the Murphy House (place on campus) won me over. Well that, and the warm, comfy, quiet study atmosphere really helped me get through finals. I count it a victory that I didn't step foot into one those forsaken library study carrels. While they can be useful, the claustrophobic-ly small cubicles cut you completely off from the outside world.

And that's no fun.

My roommates and I celebrated the end of finals by heading to Goodwill to make fun of the ugly clothing and buy the ridiculously cheap cute clothing. I just love second hand stores. Perhaps it's because I'm a broke college student. Good thing I don't like Prada or something.

Once again, thank you loose FB regulations!
Last night was my youth group's Christmas party. If you can't tell by the picture, it was a blast :)

Anyway! I think I'm going to go sleep...for like a week.

Thanks for reading :)

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