Sunday, November 18, 2012

SoCo 54!

So a couple nights ago I took a break from obsessing over homework to watch some Friends

Because I needed some joy in my life, and Friends is kind of the perfect solution. Even though I've seen almost every episode, they still crack me up. Perusing the internet still on my Photoshop kick, I ran across a couple cool editing techniques and decided to try them out. [[I kind of realized that my whole Friends comment is particularly relevant to anything....but I had to share...]]



I used this tool called Content-Aware Scale, which allowed me to shift the main clover down, toward a better spot. I wasn't thinking about rule of thirds when I took the picture, and the main focus was too much in the center of the photo.


 So I had thought this photo was kind of boring, which nothing special to it. But, I liked the green colors so I decided to try and spruce it up a bit.


 I still can't decide if I like the black and white edging or not....but I like the overall changes.

One more!


 I loved the delicate beads of water that were hanging on the spiderweb, but I wanted to make the photo pop more.


 Et, volia! I like the final product, with the heavy contrast and colors.

In other news, the last big party of the semester, SoCo 54 was last night. So much fun! They always go all out on the decorations; I wish I had some pictures of the club scene to show!

The dress was Brittany's-- a perfect 70s dress for the 70s themed party.

As always, getting all dolled up was half the fun.

Anyway, on paper I have two days until Thanksgiving break but it does not feel like that. Before I leave campus I will have finished my differential equations take home test, turned in my Physics assignment, and taken my Physics test....gahhhhh...

As always, thanks for stopping by :)

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