Friday, February 3, 2012

Jerry-Rigged Chinese Food

So I've been thinking recently.

And I think that this picture accurately sums up my college life thus far:

It's left-over Chinese food in a cup. The previous night, some friends and I headed to our favorite, dirt-cheap Chinese restaurant. They give you sooo much food; too much for a normal person to eat all in one setting, so I brought the leftovers back to the dorm and stuck them in the fridge. The next day, Tuesday, was my crazyy day. I have class from 8:15-9:30, break, class from 11-4, band 4-5:30, dinner 5:30-6, film showing for my class 6-8.

Anyway! It was during my break before 11, and I was hungry. Not hungry enough to go all the way to the caf for an early lunch, but still, hungry. Then, I remembered the leftovers still in our fridge. So I pulled out the Styrofoam take home box full of cold rice. Then I realized that we didn't have anything microwavable safe in the room. So I searched the room, and found one thing, a plastic cup, that didn't have the 'non-microwavable safe' label on it. Totally legit, right?

So I loaded the cup with the Chinese food and stuck it into the microwave. The cup now has these kind of weird crack looking things at the bottom but oh well. :P The food was good!

Anyway, I felt that that epitomized by college life. Cheap and Jerry-rigged.

Also, I've been messing around with some songs recently. Perhaps I'll post a video of my singing them.......proobbaabblly not though. ;) I only let a couple of friends hear me. Who needs judgement anyway?

My piano set up :) so much easier to practice when it's midnight, raining, and I don't feel like walking across campus to the music building.

Reason #15 why I love Hendrix: Themed Lunches. We had a Luau themed lunch :D One of the beloved caf workers-- who knows everybody's name by the second week, no joke-- handed out leis to everyone. :) They had shrimp, and crab, and all this fresh fruit; it was amazing. One of these days I'm gonna bring my camera into the caf and photograph my food ;)

Anyway! Just another little college update. Love life:non-existent. Date to Formal:non-existent. Annnd that is all.

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