Thursday, February 9, 2012

I wish

I promise I have a legit reason for not posting for so long. ((though I swear it feels like I just posted yesterday))

My life has been crazy, and not in the good way. In the stressful-I-hate-college-why-does-my-life-suck kind of way.

But on another, more cheery note, I did another tattoo recently. :D I was hanging out with some friends, and this picture of a tattoo was on the computer screen. It was really pretty, a dandelion that being blown away. I kept staring at it, and really wanted to draw it. So, I borrowed a black pen from someone, and sketched it on my arm.

I kept extending the little strands of dandelion until they curled around my arm and dashed up my hand.

Sadly, the ink faded reallyyyy quickly, and it was all gone in a couple of days. I would love to make my tats a bit more permanent, but no where near a real tattoo ;) I've thought about using a Sharpie, but that's a really harsh, black line. I prefer the lighter marks of pens.

And this is how crazy my life has been recently. I scheduled my day, from 1 to 11 trying to get all my work done. ((and yes, I did schedule in Criminal Minds...hey, a girl needs a break every now and then)) Somehow I managed to finish everything that was due today without too much stress.

Hopefully, things will start to slow down, just a little.


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