Monday, January 30, 2012

Subliminal Messaging

I dreamed about blogging last night.

I dreamed that I was writing a blog post. It was another list; like my previous ones. I think my sub-conscience is trying to tell me something. For once I have decided to listen. I haven't been taking any photos, so I haven't been writing any blog posts. It's a bad parallelism, I know.

I just never have my actual camera on me. However, I always have my iPhone on me. So I've been able to snap a few photos of my college life thus far.

Saturday nights, the cafeteria isn't open. ((You know you go to a small school if...)) This semester, my friends and I decided that we should get together Saturday nights and cook dinner.

The first Saturday it was supposed spaghetti with a cheese and red sauce, courtesy of my roommate and I (mostly her, I was just gonna make brownies from a mix). Well, she got stuck at work and couldn't make it. So, I ran to where she works on campus and recorded her telling me how to make the two sauces. Of course no recipes were involved in this discussion, nor any specific amounts. 'Just a bit of that, some that one thing, stir it for a little while, then it should be good.'

The tiny dorm kitchen was packed with all of us-- plus some other people who had the same idea we had. The scene was mainly chaos; me running about with a sack of flour in my arms, flicking the flour off my hands to a friend who questioned my cooking abilities, everyone laughing, talking, and shouting. The noodles were easy-- I almost had a heart attack trying to make the sauces. I borrowed half the ingredients from the other people cooking. I needed more flour, so I just stuck my hand in the bag a pulled out what vaguely resembled a tablespoon. The butter was evaporating, so I tossed more into the pot. The vegetable stock made it too runny, so I dumped more cheese in. The cheese wasn't melting, I ignored that, though all I could think of was 'how could this ever turn out into anything edible?' I had a few friends who helped try to tame the chaos that is a forty year old kitchen full of energetic college students with minimal cooking abilities.

It was so much fun. :D To my surprise, both of the sauces were not only edible, but quite delicious.

The picture was the noodle sculpture that resulted with one of my friends, not knowing the noodle box was opening, picked it up.

This is from the second cooking night we had; this time someone else, who had an actual recipe, was cooking, so it was less hectic. While waiting for the noodle dish to cook, we played this fun game called Banagrams. It's like Scrabble.

And this was my fortune from the Chinese we had tonight. There's this small Chinese restaurant right by campus-- they give you a ton a good food for not that much money.

So, life. I still don't have a date for winter formal...aka college prom. And here I thought high school was over. Guess not. Oh well, I'm working on it ;) We shall see....*ominous music*

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