Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Normal

Whatever normal is. College normal in this case, I would guess. Classes start tomorrow-- luckily for me it's a relatively easy day, classes from 10-1. Tuesday is gonna be my hell day, class from 8-9, then 11-4. D: At least I have a break for lunch.

Anyway, today I picked up my music for band, which starts tomorrow.

Also, I went shopping around town with some friends. There's a winter formal coming up-- apparently a college version of prom-- and we all needed dresses. I wasn't going to buy a dress at all; I was on this whole 'I'm not even going to go, it's not like I have a date' rant, how I wasn't going to do a pity date and preferably not even a friend date. My entire high school career consisted of my asking my guy friends to go, just as friends. Just for once I want to have an actual date.

So, I entered the shopping trip thinking 'I'm a strong independent woman, I'm not even going to go to this party'. The dresses, for the most part, were absurdly expensive. Like five hundred dollars expensive. O.O My senior prom dress I bought at a consignment shop for 25 dollars, and I loved it. There was no way that I was spending that much money on something as temperamental as a dress. ((Now a camera...that's a different story ;))

And then, as I was poking around in the expensive store, I stumbled upon a dark corner, with a small, handmaid sign posted on the wall. 'Sale, short dresses 30 dollars'. Mildly interested now, I flipped through the dresses, my 'strong independent woman' resolve crumbling like a poorly constructed sand castle.

It's a pretty knee length black lace dress with a nice silhouette. :) I fell in love with it, and for the price, I couldn't pass it up. So now I have a dress...which means I'm going to the dance....which means I have to find a date...D:

And here I thought I was actually done with high school.

Think again!

Anyway, I thought that I would post a picture of our newly arranged and slightly picked up dorm room. I have a 18-55mm kit lens and while I normally am happy with the 18 mm focal length, it just couldn't fit the entire room in the shot.

So I made a panoramic ;)

Looking past the clutter-- which is actually the best it's been since we moved in-- you can see that we have a large open space in the middle, moving just about every piece of furniture in our dorm room had it's advantages. ;)

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