Monday, January 9, 2012


And just like that, the streak is over D: Really over, like cold dead. I just haven't taken any photos really. Today though, I was bound and determined to break the new streak of no posting that was starting to form. ;)

Foster (aka MuFosta, nickname from one of my friends), ever a cutie ;) I took some pictures of him, but as it was inside it was dark, long shutter speed, so most turned out blurry. It doesn't help how he rarely sits still.

So I haven't just been sitting and watching copious amounts of tv-- I've been creative too! I stumbled upon (haha, not actually stumbling...ha ha which is an internet site...okay never mind)a cool technique to painting nails recently. It's super easy-- I might post a mini tutorial. Basically, after you paint your nails, you dip them in rubbing alochol and lay strips of newspaper on them for thirty seconds. ;) eh, voila!

So I was in Walmart recently, buying more yarn to complete a late Christmas gift, and I was browsing through the patterns. I've tried to create skirts before, but they've never turned out. They've always seemed so simply, theoretically speaking. I mean, after all, it's a circle. I've tried different patterns, but they have just never turned out. I was looking at dress patterns at Walmart, and they looked easy enough, simple silhouettes. I thought about how simplistic a skirt /should/ be and was suddenly bound and determined to actually make a skirt. No pattern, no nothing, just with scraps I found in my mother's sewing kit. How hard could it be? A measurement, some thinking, lots of seam ripping, and just a little frustration (okay, a lot of frustration over the horrendous machine known as a sewing machine) later----

I had myself a skirt ;) It's nothing much, but it didn't have to be; I was planning on putting this pattern fabric over it. The pattern fabric was see through-- I didn't even want to think about sewing any more.

So I took the pattern fabric and tied it over the brown, like a long sash or something. :) I'll post a picture sometime. I loved it-- and wore it to the movies later that night. As the night wore on, the pattern kept slipping until the skirt appeared almost floor length ;)

Anyway! I just wanted to write a quick update about my break. Less than a week left...not sure how I feel about that. On one hand I'm excited to go back, to start new classes (meet new people), and catch up with all my friends there. On the other hand, I'm going to miss all this sleep, and tv time, I'm getting ;)

This is my other cat, Gracie (aka Meow Meow, a very appropriate nickname one of my friends gave her). The second I sat on the floor to take pictures, taking advantage of the natural light from my window, she raced over, wanting to sit in my lap. When I shooed her off, she ran to lay on my new skirt, now covered in cat hair. ;)

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