Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cooking at College

...or baking besties....angelic..uh..okay, I'll stop at my botched attempts at alliteration.

You didn't think I would break my blogging streak did ya?? No way! Well...almost. I haven't taken any photos since the sunset, so I was like 'well, I don't have anything to post'. But! I stumbled on a folder-- my photos are in folders by date of uploading, just the way my camera works-- of my roomie and I baking at college! I had taken the photos, put them on my computer, and promptly forgot about them, too busy with work.

There are some things that before college, I would have never imagined myself doing at college. Playing quidditch (don't judge) is one of them, baking desserts is another. ;) My roomie and I discovered the joy of instant mixes, and community fridges, this semester. We baked all sorts of cookies-- but we don't have a cookie sheet in the dorm kitchen, so we've had to use cupcake tins. We always end up with cupcake cookies; taste just as good as normally shaped cookies. ;)

However, this time we were making actually cupcakes, angel food cupcakes to be exact. ;) It was just a normal day (friday? wednesday? who remembers?) so we mixed up some cupcakes. The rules of community fridges are, no name, anyone's game (yeah so what if I just made that up off the top of my head?), right? Well, those are the rules we played by anyway. Thanks to whoever bought the unmarked thing of oil ;)

Angel food mix is probably the most magical of them all. To make this beauty by scratch would take like ten egg whites, and one very strong arm. However, with the mix, it just takes a bit of oil (and maybe an egg...all of our cooking runs together...).

And, voila! We had ourselves some cupcakes, perfect for giving away to friends, and hoarding the rest in the dorm room.

I thought I would give you a little glimpse of college life, even if it's a couple months late :P

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